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Cazacus Expert

S.C. Cazacus Expert S.R.L. consists of specialists who combine seriousness with professionalism.

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S.C. Cazacus Expert S.R.L. has shown over time that it has the resources necessary to cover through services and professionalism, a wide variety of customer requirements.

We want to help our partners with accurate information on the tax implications of their business and to optimize fiscal and non-fiscal costs.

We have a wide experience in tax and accounting, achieved mainly through activities within

  • public finances;
  • companies;
  • non-profit associations;
  • public institutions;
  • banks and cooperative. 

Our company is formed of a team of specialists with extensive experience in the financial - accounting and IT, and young professionals with serious training and desire for affirmation, graduates in economics and IT, professionals united by common values: seriousness, fairness, responsibility and good work.

Our business is based on professionalism, flexibility, confidentiality and loyalty. 

Our company benefits from its own package of high-performance software applications adaptable to any type of activity, always correlated with the new requirements of the legislation.

The whole complex of services and our experience recommended us even in the most difficult cases. 

Contact us with confidence for our services and we assure you that you will not regret it.

Transparency Reports:

Transparency Report - 2008                  Transparency Report - 2011
Transparency Report - 2009                  Transparency Report - 2012
Transparency Report - 2010










Transparency Report
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